Sometimes You Need to Hang Up on a Grandma

My team in the Mega is starting to feel the burn. ee Speirs has car trouble and is still trying to plug away around work and extra work time. ProtipsLoL is busy with not having a job, sleeping all day and making out with his new GF.

JB330 and I are grinding away. I am having *fun* with the new Japanese titles. They are very humorous since you can make up your own story line without being able to read Japanese. I usually have 2-3 people standing around me while I am playing them at the store just amazed at what I will do for achievements.

The store was slow Wednesday and consistent but not busy Thursday. A sort of lull after spring break last week and the calm before the big monthly lock-in tonight.

I had a grandmother call to complain about something this week and I hung up on her. She was trying to explain to me that she brings her grandkids to the store to play all the time but last weekend her son brought them and he said they were not allowed to come back because the store “smelled too bad”. Seriously? We clean the store top-to-bottom every day and it starts sparkle fresh but on a weekend day we get 200+ people in the store and some are hyper stinky teenage boys and men. I am not sure if she wanted a handout or what but I just wasn’t in the mood to play the customer service rep of the year game.

If you notice something wrong and honestly want to “help us out” by pointing out problems then do it immediately so we can address the problem and fix it. How the heck are we supposed to figure out who was sitting next to her grandkids and tell them to go home and take a shower if we have no idea who it was when they called to complain 5 days later?

I was pumped to finally finish X-men and WWE Legends to a full 1000 this week. During a big challenge I usually don’t grind out the last few achievements in games but for some reason I just wanted to check off a few games from my “sometime I would like to finish that game” list.

Heard Around eBash:
Instead of a fun quote/story from the store this week I thought I would share something funny that happened with my son and I yesterday morning when he was getting ready for school. (Zander is 10 and in 4th grade for those who don’t know me as well)

As he is getting dressed and ready he says to me: “Dad I have an idea for how to build a vehicle that goes on air, land and sea.” He then explains this to me in rich and full detail, using hand motions and being very animated. I then look at him and notice that he has put his jeans on backwards and was ready to head out the door for school.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to Hang Up on a Grandma

  1. You should definitely just put Glade Plug-ins everywhere. One in each room and like 5 or 6 in the main area. That should do some pretty good work. Probably wouldn’t get one complaint about smell after that.

    • Yeah we try to do as much as we can. We have the automatic commercial spray units in each bathroom, 2 in the lobby, 1 in the Kinect room and 1 in the White room. The problem is that those are like a repellent for the really smelly guys, so they move to other rooms. We will end up probably putting one in every single room like you are suggesting.

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