10k in Gamerscore added in 12 days

It seems like already this week I am behind in just about everything. Baby Julez is just not grasping the concept of sleeping at night and being awake during the day. Last night we stayed up together until about 2:30 before she finally closed her eyes. I call those late nights my 30/30 time. If I walk with her for 30 minutes she will lay down for 30 minutes. I just have just been grinding away at X-men and a few other older games in my played list.

I have been trying to really catch back up in the Mega Challenge the past 2 days. I slacked this past weekend and it is NOT like me to be this far down in the field. I *know* it is 458 people and top 20 is great but I want top 3. I want all of those amazing challenge points. And today in the mail my knight on a white horse rode into my door. 10 new Japanese games from the <5 and 5-10 hour list over at x360a.org.

Personally I have a few goals with the challenges going and my own personal scoring this year. They are lofty, but here you go:

Overall GS – 200k by the end of 2011
360voice Completion Percentage – 75% Jedi badge
Skyline Challenge – Team Win, Overall Top Tower
Mega Challenge – Team Win, Top 3 Individual
Buffet Challenge – Top 5
H.E.R.B.I.E. – Team Top 3

Stuff Heard Around eBash:
Last week during Spring Break kids would come early every single day and try to get into the store before we open at 2 PM. One day a mother slammed on the door until I went to let them know we opened at 2 and she instructed me that she HAD to be back at work and I was just going to have to let her kid wait in our store. Ugh.

So one of the days I felt bad when 15 people were standing outside the store waiting an hour early to get in. I let them in and told them they could play but they had to pick one game and then at 2 PM when my regular employee got there they could change games. They all agreed and started picking out games like Black Ops and others they knew would last them. However one small kid, maybe 11 years old, decided he wanted to play Dance Central on the Kinect.

Me: “You know this is a dancing game on the Kinect right?”
Kid: “Yes, that is what I want to play.”
Me: “You know you can’t change games for an hour until 2 PM right?”
Kid: “Yes, that is what I want to play.”

****Kid goes back to play and I go back to sit near ee Speirs and ProtipsLoL while we continued working on our Mega Challenge games.****

1:05 PM
****Kid comes walking back to the lobby and around to where we are playing. ee Speirs and ProtipsLoL start laughing because they know what is coming.****

Kid: “Is it 2 o’clock yet?”
Me: “Nope. There is a clock over there on the wall above the Incredible Hulk if you want to know what time it is, at 2 PM you can change games.”

The kid then goes and sits at a table in the lobby for the next 55 minutes watching the other kids playing Black Ops and waiting for 2 PM. My wife gave me a hard time and said I was too mean to him, but for those of you who know me that is how I would do it again if given the chance.


3 thoughts on “10k in Gamerscore added in 12 days

    • dasheek – I didn’t feel bad about it at all. My wife is just a softy because she wasn’t there to see how many times I reminded him before he picked the game that he only had one choice for an hour.

      didier – I figured you would want to give me some Viva Pinata assistance!

  1. But that’s important that you did something like that. Things like that teach kids, and that’s what kids need (especially the younger…est kids who have been coming to ebash lately) they don’t need just another person to fold and give them whatever they want. Also if you need help with the competition, just throw me a heads up on when you could use some help and I’ll be there.

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