2011 Spring Clean Started at eBash

Let the gaming begin!

There are 419 in the Mega Challenge and 40 teams in the team division as of right now. We probably won’t make it to 500 which was Dog of Thunder‘s goal, but it still crushes the previous record for most people in a challenge which I believe they said was around 290.

Inspired by LausDomini I started messing with using the XML feed function in Excel to pull the data from the 360voice API. Boy am I glad I did. I can’t check the Mega Challenge yet because the API won’t pull the gamer data until the challenge launches, but when using the challenge call for my previous challenges it pulls the data with no problems. The only thing I have left is to write the formula for calculating the score on the fly based on the order of the players for each team.

SPIDERMANMTL hit level 20 in the eBash Skyline Challenge yesterday. He is building today so he will need 21. Way to go Spidey. I will be building tomorrow which works out great because everything will also count for the Mega Challenge. Then on Saturday JB330 jumps into the game for his first day build. We have held him until now so that he can go after the first day build prize AND he will be scoring for our CFL team in the Mega Challenge.

At the store this week we are starting some much needed spring cleaning. ee thebum and tagcdove both worked on their sections of the store and I started to tackle mine. It is much easier breaking the 4000 sq ft down into individual sections. I spent almost 4 hours yesterday working on 8 stations. I think we are going to need to start back up the rule of only eating in the lobby because none of us wants our freshly cleaned rooms messed up!

I got a message from Psycoblast saying that he saw some of our posts and joined the Mega Challenge. I am going to try to get him to join the Buffet along with tagcdove and her husband Stinkygoat. I would like to get a core group of 10-20 from the store that participate in 360voice and other gamerscore events with me.

We are starting first thing tomorrow for the Mega Challenge. ee Speirs and ProtipsLOL are meeting me at the store at 8:30 AM and we plan to game all day and then take home a few games to work on that night and Saturday.

Customer Quote of the Day
We like to share some of the crazy things customers say at the store (especially since many of them are younger) so I will try to share some good ones when they happen. This one is courtesy of our employee Eric one Saturday afternoon. We spend tons of our time selling snacks and drinks to the gamers and the younger ones are notorious for coming up and getting one thing at a time about every 10 minutes.

Kid: “Give me a Slim Jim.”
Eric: “Give you a Slim Jim…what?” (obviously expecting a ‘please’)
Kid: “To eat.”

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