Xbox 360 Gamerscore (Achievement) Challenges Galore

You can’t double blog a triple blog?

I haven’t posted much here on WordPress the past month or so as I have been pretty active blogging over at recently.  I noticed that one guy who I enjoy following, MarvzMitts, posts his blog both at and at  I am not sure why I didn’t think of that first, but why not post it all of the places at once?  Then people who enjoy reading in any of the formats will be able to access my content.   I have found that I am a much more regular blogging about my gaming lifestyle coupled together with my work at eBash so let’s see how this goes.

From my blog today at 360voice:


SpidermanMTL mentioned that his back-to-back days in the eBash Skyline Challenge were pretty rough last weekend. He build 18 and then 19 in consecutive days and said he missed his grandmother’s 88th birthday party. I can’t ever tell if he was serious or not especially about the birthday party, but now I know he was serious about how difficult it was to build those days.

Yesterday I needed 17 and today I needed 18. I am trying to work on the rockstar genre badge so I continued today with GH 5. However this morning at home I was watching my daughter after another long night of no sleep for my wife and she and I grabbed some some Lego Indiana Jones achievements that have been haunting me while mommy slept.

(Side note: In Lego Indiana Jones the stupid achievement that says 50 times shatter glass or take out enemies but you can’t actually do it with enemies… yeah, maybe 200 kills later I read someone’s note on the achievement over at TA… I am a huge IJ fan and the Temple of Doom is my least favorite movie now for YET another reason)

At work it was Facebook Tuesday, which basically gets players into the store for a huge discount if they show up in groups and tag each other on our Facebook wall. Luckily with the Fan/Mic trick on Guitar Hero 5 I could let the career run while I was busy with customers. That got me enough so that when I got home my son and I could finish off with a couple more in Lego Star Wars 3. I know that one problem is I am holding games for the Mega Challenge an the Buffet but it is still pretty difficult to feel the pressure of letting your team down and seeing your building collapse!

I can’t wait for this weekend. Finally we can start dropping some crazy points on a daily basis as part of the Mega Challenge.  Lausdomini dug up the scoring from past Mega Challenges and it looks like 33k was the most put up by the winner in the past for the 30 day challenge. I wonder if someone will break that this time? I put up almost 7k in a 5 day challenge early this year to be one of the first winners of the 2011 Virus Badge but over 30 days it would be crazy.

I just hit 100k recently and noticed the other day in my 360voice challenge statistics that I have unlocked 67,000 gamerscore during challenges. I guess that makes it obvious I am a pretty competitive guy.


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