360voice.com 5 Year Anniversary Xbox 360 Gamerscore Challenge

I have been a bit slacking here on my blog for a couple of reasons the past few weeks.  The main reason is that my wife Janean and I are waiting on the birth of our 2nd child.  Our first child, Zander, was born over 10 years ago so we kind of feel like new parents.  Zander was 10 days early so we anticipated meeting our new baby girl anytime the past few weeks.

But! (there is always a but) we are sitting today on the actual due date and baby girl is still content to hang out with mom it seems!  For a few different reasons the doctor didn’t want Janean to go past her due date so we are scheduled to head to the hospital Saturday morning to help things along.   Waiting everyday to see if we need to head to the hospital on top of quite a bit of extra consulting work has left me with not too much extra time.

Love your Xbox? You need this site!

So my blog has suffered here,  but I haven’t neglected my gamerscore!  I have been plugging away towards 100k with some great challenges over at 360voice.com.  If you love competitions and Xbox 360 achievements this site is everything you need.

Currently I am participating in the Skyline event which put participants on random teams and requires each member to “build” on their buildings by increasing the number of achievements earned each day.  If one of your team members does not earn enough achievements to increase their building size on their designated build day their building collapses and they are out of the challenge.  The team with the last building standing wins.

One big part of their site is the challenge system which allows ANYONE to create their own event to compete against other Xbox LIVE gamers.  To celebrate their 5 year anniversary they are putting together a Mega Challenge hoping to attract 500 competitors in one single event for the month of April.

Over 30,000 Microsoft MS Points already pledged for this challenge!

So  far there is already almost 30,000 MS Points, Xbox LIVE subscription cards and brand new retail games put up as prizes.  I am guessing the pool of prizes will continue to grow over the next 3 weeks leading up to the launch of the tournament on April 1st.  The event will run 30 days through the month of April and the premise for the competition is the GAIN of achievement points during that time frame.  It has nothing to do with a gamer’s current gamerscore, but instead just the points unlocked during the event.  The minimum base score to enter is 20,000.

I am in the process of putting together an eBash team for this event (you join as an individual, but there is also a side competition that is team-based).  I thought about playing with other 360voice users, but in the spirit of the celebration I want to get more active users for their site.  They are very close to breaking 200,000 users and hopefully this will push them over the top.

I invite anyone out there who enjoys competition and unlocking achievements to join the challenge.  Even if you don’t have enough time to play there are weekly prizes given out randomly to any participant.  You can walk away with 1600 MS Points without doing anything at all.

Worried that you can’t participate because your gamerscore isn’t 20,000 or higher?  Check out this list of games to get you to 20,000 gamerscore in just a couple of weeks: Quick 1000 Gamerscore Games


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