eBash Gamer Group (EGG) Fall Gamerscore Challenge w/ over $400 in Prizes!

Alright, time to start getting in the Fall Exploding Game Releases mode here at the store. We are working on getting our Facebook group growing again, we have been stagnant in the low 2000 “likes” for awhile now and we are pushing to add 100 new likes per month.

As part of the “incentive” for our fans to promote us and help drive up our numbers we are starting our weekly giveaway contests again. This week we are giving away Medal of Honor Limited Edition brand new with the Battlefield 3 Beta access. All you need to do is head over and “like” the Medal of Honor picture we uploaded to enter yourself in the drawing. Here is a quick link for you lazy watchers:


The Fall season of the EGG (eBash Gaming Group) will be starting on Labor Day (September 5th). I am excited to announce the theme’s for the first three weeks.

Fall Season Themes

Week 1: Football – To celebrate the start of the NFL season this week any game remotely dealing with football will count towards your rankings this week, examples: Madden, Rookie Rush, BCFX, NFL Tour, NFL Head Coach, NCAA Football, etc.
Week 2: Clean-up – This is inspired by lausdomini’s HERBIE clean-up challenge but with a bit of a twist. Games that will count this week must have at least one achievement unlocked and cannot have an achievement unlocked after 7/1/2011.
Week 3: Genre week – Every competition we will have a genre week during Week 3 and Week 6 of the 8 week competition. The genre will be voted on by participants in the two weeks prior to the week. So During Week 1 and Week 2 voting will take place for which genre will be featured in Week 3.
Week 4: Will be announced during week 1
Week 5: Will be announced during week 2
Week 6: Genre Week
Week 7: Will be announced during week 4
Week 8: Will be announced during week 5

1. Players must be a registered member of 360voice.com and join the weekly EGG challenge (first week will be created as soon as my current challenge is over).
2. Points are “unlocked” by achievement points matching the weekly theme
3. Scores will be distributed each week to players starting with 20 points for 1st, 19 points for 2nd, 18 points for 3rd and so forth until 5 points. All participants scoring more than 0 will receive 5 points minimum.
4. One (1) 1600 MS Points code (or equivalent Paypal value for contestants outside of the US) will be given away to one random player each week. Drawings for the random winner will take place each Thursday.
5. Scores during the 8 week Fall season will be accumulative towards the overall standings. The overall winners will be determined by the highest scores after 8 weeks.

1st Place – Choice of Tritton AX-720 (Retail $129.99) or 5600 MS Points (Retail $69.98)
2nd Place – Choice of Tritton AX-180 (Retail $69.99) or 4000 MS Points (Retail $49.99)
3rd Place – Choice of Retail Game of Choice (Retail $59.99) or 3200 MS Points (Retail $39.98)

I should have sign-ups ready in the next couple of weeks.


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