eSports Arena in Universities, Commercial Use Permits, University of California at Irvine UCI grand opening, ggLeap Software updates

Today we cover quite a bit about our software powering the launch of the University of California Irvine eSports Arena along with the big jump in colleges and universities getting into the eSports game.

So proud of our software and our team.  We are truly in the right place at the right time with something special.


ggLeap software powering University of California at Irvine (UCI) new eSports Arena

Still in early access, our software ( is going to be powering UCI when they launch their eSports Arena next week as well as Robert Morris University, the first university to give eSports scholarships. The media is starting to pick up on the UCI launch story. I can’t wait to head out there next week and be a part of the future of eSports.


VR in LAN Centers / eSports Arenas

Tonight we started off talking about VR in LAN centers and what eBash will be doing in the space.  We then touched on game nights and casual eSports tournaments followed by ggLeap updates including:

  • Increased client security
  • Offers coming soon, as well as reporting on offers/sales
  • New releases next week
  • Building up to the launch next week!