How much money does it take to start a Video Game LAN Center or Cyber Cafe?

Hopefully this is the first of weekly show we plan on doing each week that will help me help you.  What I mean by that is the number of questions I am getting each week is really increasing and this is a way for me to spend an hour to hopefully help many of you at one time.

This week’s outline:

  1. Introduction to the weekly Twitch-cast
  2. LAN Center start-up “Question of the Week” – “How much money does it take to start a LAN center?”
  3. LAN Center growth “Idea of the Week” – “We had a slow month in September, now we are just waiting for things to pick back up.”
  4. ggCircuit PULSE:
    1. Gold Memberships / Prizes
    2. Smartlaunch ggCircuit skin
    3. CS GO
    4. NVIDIA events
    5. Halo 5 API announced
    6. Sneak peek of new website mock-up?
  5. ggCircuit “Tip of the Week” – ggCircuit Stages of a Center – 85 centers in the system
    1. Registration, Email Sent to Create Password – 72
    2. Download and install ggCircuit Client – 62
    3. Earned Coins – 62
    4. Start Slider – 23
    5. Set-up Kiosk – 4
    6. Facebook Tab – 4
    7. Website Widget – 5
    8. Add Local Prizes – 30
    9. Redeem Local Prizes (min just 1 per week) – 14
  6. Welcome to new ggCircuit centers
    1. Hajwala Games, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    2. Game City, Malmo Sweden
    3. The Grid, Chino Hills, CA
    4. Game On LAN, Buffalo, NY
    5. Section 9 Cyber Cafe, Fargo, ND
  7. ggCircuit Fall Season first half winners

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