Video Game LAN Center Video Including: How much space do I need and what is a good layout for my store?

Here is this week’s video for new and existing LAN centers.  The topics of discussion this week include:

  1. Introduction to the weekly Twitch-cast
  2. LAN Center start-up Question of the Week – “How much space do I need and what is a good layout for my store?”
  3. LAN Center growth Idea of the Week – “Why do players come to your center?”
  4. ggCircuit PULSE:
    1. Sneak peak of the skin (mockup)
      1. Logged out view
      2. Logged in view
    2. New Auto-Create online accounts for Centers, both batch process and auto-process for new users
    3. Bronze, Silver, Gold levels
    4. Weekly Tournaments
  5. ggCircuit “Tip of the Week”
  6. Welcome to new ggCircuit centers
    1. FastNet Lima, Peru
    2. Rails Billiards – Dubai, UAE
  7. ggCircuit Fall Season week 4 winners

Week 4
Total Entries: 273278
Razer Chroma Keyboard – The Gamerz Funk, Jormy (562 entries)
Razer Kraken Headset – GUF Werribee, LukeCan (415 entries)


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