LAN Arena and Esports Gaming Centers Everywhere!

There were tough times over the past 14 years since we started our first center in 2004.  There have been many people along the way that have helped us pick up the pieces from failed attempts at expansion while we tried to find our place helping fulfill my dream of local esports everywhere.

After years of working to unify the community of center owners through cooperative events we began the process of writing our own software in 2013 to automate all of these locations.

Now… we are closing in to the first release of our software and along the way we have added over 400 locations in early access ranging from a few systems in a hotel lounge all the way up to massive arenas around the world.

That link is the current state of what we have running today and I am posting a screenshot of the installs in the US for later reference here.

ggCircuit US Installs.png

ggLeap Installs in the United States as of April 24, 2018

We have quite a few BIG projects that we are developing for huge industry names that will become public this summer and fall.  I am so thankful that we have weathered the storm and stuck it out all of these years to be the experts in an exploding industry worldwide.


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