Esport Arenas = LAN Centers Are Back!

LAN centers are back!

With our software company we have seen a big influx of new subscribers the past few weeks. A LOT of calls from investors and business people looking to open up centers. I hate to get too excited, but it is like the 2004-2007 years when there were over 500 centers just in the US, but this time we are gathered together under one common goal with one piece of software to push us even further.

The new ggLeap admin dashboard makes me happy. I can’t wait until we let you all start testing it (maybe next week!). POS is right behind it. The next 6 weeks are going to be insane. The wait has been worth it!


Things are happening, there are many things we have been working on for months and months with sponsors and publishers. I can’t talk about details until things are finalized, because nothing is for sure until things are signed on the dotted lines. But man oh man is it a great time to be a LAN center or a great time to finally pull the trigger and open a LAN center in your area!

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