Summer of 2015 Madness

I am one of those guys that can never say “no” to a project, idea, event or possible sale.  It is not a good thing, as many times I agree for eBash to work really hard for no profit.  However I do like to work hard and I have a pretty nice superstar group of staff around me that stays right with me through these adventures.

Just for my own sanity, I thought I might put a post together of the number of unique events we are doing this summer so that viewers of my blog will know why I haven’t been able to post much lately.  Chronologically our summer (including a few completed events) looks like:

April 30 – Private event at Flat 12 Bierworks for Indy car driver James Hinchcliffe
May 8,9,10 – Angie’s List Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
May 15,16,17 – Qualifying weekend for the Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
May 23,24 – Race weekend for Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
June 8 – First week of 7 straight weeks of Create and Play Summer Camps, 250+ kids
June 26-28 – Indy PopCon
July 17-19 – Achievement Fest
July 18 – Colby and Cate’s 13th Annual Birthday Bash
July 24,25,26 – Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
July 30,31 – Aug 1,2 – Gen Con
Aug 7,8,9 – Moto GP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Keep in mind, these are events and activities that are ABOVE our normal store operations.  On top of that we are ramping up our community managers program and our goal is to have special events at our stores every single weekend.  Just this month we have tournaments for CS GO, Smash and Call of Duty while we are hosting a viewing party for Dota 2 and preparing for a League of Legends tournament.

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