New ggCircuit Client Releasing in Beta This Week

gg_lgWe are far into the thousands-of-hours in planning, development, programming and managing the new ggCircuit software system.  While ggCircuit has been around nearly 7 years running eSports events at LAN Centers, the concept of software to run everything was first mentioned in January 0f 2014.  Since that time we built the main system for tracking games and stats from scratch, tested it for 6 months in our eBash locations and then brought on 3 test centers last October.  At that point we realized that we had something very special started and we began reaching out to centers for a bigger test and a group of around 10 started in November and December 2014.

The first quarter of 2015 we have carefully grown to 21 locations running the software in the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia.  We have been testing and trying different things while we continue to evaluate the best direction for ggCircuit to be able to serve the majority of centers around the world.  The balance between the economy of the coins earned in the system for casual players and the high-end eSports competitions is not as easy as someone might think.

This week is a big milestone for ggCircuit.  We are releasing the beta of the new ggCircuit client.  In the past, centers joining us required some pretty disruptive changes to their systems to connect.  This has caused some centers that started 4 months ago to still be delayed in the final step of the set-up. With this new client we are crushing nearly every barrier and the start-up process is nearly automated.  Automation is our theme, we want things to happen automatically, regularly and effectively without any extra work or burden for LAN center owners or staff.

Take a look at what the new client is going to solve:

NEW ggCircuit CLIENT

Old Way Without Client

Works with multiple LAN Center (cyber cafe) software packages including Smartlaunch, Cyber Cafe Pro, Antamedia, Cyber Planet and more. Required only the latest version of Smartlaunch
Client automatically discovers the type of database and works with MS Access, MySQL and MS SQL Server Database had to be converted from MS Access default to MySQL
Client communicates through standard web port Required LAN Center to port forward to MySQL database and change firewall settings
Only the applicable data for features being used is transferred to ggCircuit servers online The only option was that the entire LAN Center database was replicated online
Built-in service to monitor and synchronize server time for all global LAN Centers No local synchronization for time on the LAN Center server causing data to be mismatched worldwide

Over the next week we will be moving all of our existing stores to this new client AND the past 30 days of centers waiting to join can get caught up.  April and May are big months for ggCircuit.  My goal was to have 100 locations on the system before the end of 2015 and things are looking like that is an achievable goal!

2 thoughts on “New ggCircuit Client Releasing in Beta This Week

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