eBash Terre Haute Hosts Guinness World Record Attempt for Video Game Marathon

November 24, 2010

eBash Video Game Center hosting Guinness World Record attempt

eBash Video Game Center in Terre Haute, Indiana is proud to announce they will be hosting a Guinness World Record attempt for gaming on November 26th through November 28th.  This attempt will be for the longest video game marathon in a first person shooter (FPS) video game.  The game that will be use will be the popular Call of Duty Black Ops on the Microsoft Xbox 360.

The team making the attempt goes by the name Analog Khaos and is made up of Michael ‘Eclipse’ Broderick, Brent ‘Aphelion’ Rightnour, Kris ‘Array’ Teeters and Kyle ‘Dynamic’ Linton.  The current record is 33 hours which was just set earlier this month at a large gaming event in the UK called i41.

Team leader Michael Broderick says that the criteria for setting the record from Guinness is very specific and somewhat complicated.  “This is not the first record attempt we have made but in the past the facilities we used were not even close to what eBash can offer,” he said.  “We must have 2 witnesses at all times while we play and the location must be public so most other businesses cannot accommodate a record attempt of this magnitude.  eBash’s facility is amazing and their large customer base will help push us through the tough final hours.”

eBash president Zack Johnson is very excited about hosting the event for Michael and his team.  “This is a perfect fit for us to host Michael and his team during one of our annual 48 Straight events,” Zack stated.  He explained further, “Each year after Thanksgiving we open at 8 AM on Friday and do not close until 8 AM on Sunday.  We have the staff in place and also consistently have 50+ gamers playing in the facility that can help take shifts as witnesses for the Guinness attempt.”  He added laughing, “Our local players are almost as excited about the event as Analog Khaos’ group themselves.”

According to the official Guinness rules the players cannot sit in a game menu requiring human input for more than 10 seconds during the attempt.  For each hour that they play they are allowed to bank a 5 minute break for things like bathroom breaks, eating and drinking.  These breaks however do not count towards the overall marathon time.  The entire event is not only recorded in real time from behind the 4 players but also one of the game screens will also be recorded in real time.

Analog Khaos will being their attempt at 10 AM on Friday and their goal is to run until Sunday morning at 8 AM when eBash’s 48 Straight event ends.  This would give them the world record at just over 42 hours and hopefully put it out of reach of many other attempts in the near future.

The team plans on focusing on their food and drink intake as one of the main strategies for remaining alert and keeping energy levels high.  Michael believes that the marketing “energy” drink manufacturers use is not true over longer periods of time.

“Energy drinks are so high in sugar that they give you a quick high but are followed by a big crash in a few hours,” he explained. “We will drink Gatorade and similar beverages along with eating smaller portions of meals on a consistent basis throughout the event.  This will keep us going and hopefully keep us from a big crash in the second half of the attempt.”

Time will tell whether they are successful and Terre Haute can hang its hat as the location for a popular Guinness World Record. But successful or not Mr. Johnson wrapped up his thoughts on the event:  “At eBash we all love video games and the social aspects of getting out of your basement to interact with others.  This event is a perfect example of how a team of 4 people can have more fun playing together towards a common goal in one physical location.”

About eBash (www.eBash.com):
eBash Video Game Center is the largest and most successful video game center in the midwest.  eBash’s Terre Haute location has 100 high end gaming stations and has served over 15,000 customers in 7 years since it was founded in 2004 by Zack Johnson.  The company was franchised in 2008 and its first franchise location in Evansville is starting its 3rd year in 2011.  For more information contact Zack Johnson at zack@ebash.com or 812.235.0040.



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