My eBash Pitch on Shark Tank Season 2


Many of you know that I filmed for Shark Tank Season 2 all the WAY back in 2010.  They told me there were over 10,000 applications for season 2, narrowed down to just 45 of us that were flown to LA to film and pitch the sharks. Of the 45 that filmed I believe they ended up using 32 on the episodes that season.

They filmed two days with Jeff Foxworthy and two days with Mark Cuban. I was filmed with Jeff Foxworthy who was the first person that spoke after I finished my pitch and said “I think video games are terrible for kids, I am out”. Even so after long negotiations with mostly O’Leary who loved the idea I didn’t get a deal, I didn’t cry, and obviously Cuban got the long term contract and Foxworthy sucked on the show so my pitch never made it to air.

I guarantee you that if Cuban had met me that weekend instead of Foxworthy, we would have made a deal.
Long story short, while digging through old files today I found my pitch that the producers went back and forth with me to finalize in the weeks leading up to filming the show and thought it would be fun to share it:
Hi my name is Zack Johnson and I am the founder and owner of eBash Video Game Centers. I am here seeking $200k in funding and in exchange I am willing to give up 20% equity in our companies.
A few years ago while leading the youth program at our church my wife and I were brainstorming activities for the group. We invited the middle and high school students to bring their favorite video game systems for an all night lock-in at the church building. They loved it! We couldn’t hold enough of these events and each time more-and-more kids would show up. I knew we were onto something.
So I started eBash. eBash is a modern day arcade, ON STEROIDS. Each eBash location is equipped with state-of-the-art gaming stations where gamers can play the top games on the latest systems and try out high end equipment before they make big purchases. Players pay by the hour to use the facility.
But the best part is the income goes beyond just gamers PAYING to use our equipment in our store. We are selling energy drinks, soft drinks, candy and snacks while they are there. We stock the store with thousands of current generation games and accessories AND all of them are available for gamers to buy and take home! Gamers cannot try out high end equipment anywhere else and most big box retail stores do not carry any of these products. I now have game companies calling me to put their products in our stores to reach this lucrative demographic.
We have 2 successful eBash locations and I want to have thousands more all over the US. With the Shark’s help I am ready to have eBash take its piece of the $24 billion dollar video game industry!

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