eBash Mailbag – Internship / Job Shadowing?

Another email this week from someone prompted me to spend some time with a more formal reply and a post here to my blog for future seekers.

****** Original Email *******

This is *******  and I wanted to inquire about an idea that my mother actually recommended. As you know I have always had a passion for gaming and have been around the gaming environment for a large majority of my life. I am currently studying computer science at Indiana State University. I really want to know what it takes to turn the dream of your company ebash into a living, working facility. What kind of knowledge base is good to have for this type of entrepreneurship? What does it take to get the business started? How can one keep the business afloat during hard times? What are some prime locations for this type of business? I really do enjoy computer science, but am completely willing to change majors in order to make this dream a reality. What kind of coursework should I look into? I was thinking something like information technology with business administration or management. I am able to accomplish endless possibilities right now at Indiana State because of all the benefits I have received and effort I have put in. The main question I have is are you able and willing to shape me into a formidable future asset of the company? I would really appreciate your feedback on this. Thank you for your time.


Lots of great questions.  You are on the right track researching and learning now while you finish school.  I can tell you that many, many things in business, just like life, come with time and experience.  Especially in our industry, things change faster than you can learn about how they are handled currently, so the ability to adapt and survive is something that is more crucial than any other skill you might need.
Currently we are extremely busy with building our new store location in Indianapolis and then heading into our busiest time of the year through the holidays.  I don’t want to disappoint you, but there is quite the long list of people who approach me to learn about the business and want help starting their own center.  Instead of trying to decide who to help, it is just easiest if I let everyone know that my focus is on my employees and those who are going to be with me inside of our company for years to come.
We don’t hold interviews or have people fill out applications.  Our business is grown from within.  We take our longest and most trusted customers and move them into volunteer positions at the stores.  Then we take the top volunteers and move them into part time employee roles.  The best of the part time employees then move into specific areas such as event planning or store management.
So if you are interested in knowing more, the best way is to just hang out at the stores and play.  Even being around our staff on a regular basis you can can gain knowledge and insight into the industry from a customer standpoint.  More than any other business in the world, we value our regular and consistent customers for the relationships more than the revenue.

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