Blogging vs. Writing an Article

As one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to blog on a daily basis it is no surprise that I sit here this morning frustrated with myself.  It isn’t that I don’t feel like I have enough topics to write about.  Nor is it that I don’t have 30 minutes each day to write up something.  The problem I am having is that when I am creating these blog posts they are more like an entire article you would read in a trade journal and I don’t seem to have any sort of theme or focus.

Still working to be more consistent with daily articles.

My problem is that I have multiple things I could write about but I am not sure they would all go together for one group who might be interested in following me on a daily basis.  Just to get these down on paper here (in no particular order) are the things I feel I could write about:

  • Starting/Running/Managing a Video Game Center/ Starting/Running/Managing a small business
  • Starting/Running/Managing a small business
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Xbox 360 Gaming / Xbox 360 Achievements / New Game Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Aquariums/Fish
  • Camping/Outdoors
  • Xbox 360 Achievements
  • New Game Reviews
  • NFL Football
  • Basketball
  • Website Design/Programming
  • Social Media Marketing

As I am typing these out I just want to pause a minute for an idea.  Perhaps each day of the week could be focused on a single category from my list I am creating.  As I continue to write today’s post I will just go back and add more ideas to the above list.  At some point when I run out of ideas/inspirations for the list I can then select the top 5 ideas as my daily post categories for the week.  I think I am getting somewhere here…..

Adding more interests and knowledgeable material to the list has me thinking also that I should focus on things I do every day.  That would allow me to draw inspiration from what happens on a regular basis and keeps the content fresh.  Back to the list to focus more along those lines…..

Now that my list is getting longer some of the things I am listing sound completely lame to write about.  I think I will start eliminating some of them based on whether it sounds exciting to write about daily……

I enjoy a nice To-Do list. Almost like an Achievement List! 🙂

Perhaps I can move some of these into similar categories…..

Performing this activity this morning is kind of enlightening as I think about running my own business.  Why in the world would we do something that we don’t enjoy as a small business owner?  The purpose of running your own company is to do something that you get excited about doing on a weekly basis.  Obviously not all tasks are fun (bookkeeping, maintenance and other generic busywork suck) but the core of our days should be enjoyable right?

My list after merging similar topics, eliminating things that seem boring to write about and then taking out ideas that don’t seem relevant to the core theme of my blog I now can put together a weekly schedule that perhaps looks like this:
Monday – Weekend review of the store, general thoughts
Tuesday – Product Review article
Wednesday – Competitive Events/Tournaments article
Thursday – Video Game Center article
Friday – New Game Review article

To produce content on those days of the week I will need to prepare ahead of time on a schedule of tasks that looks like this:

Monday – write Weekend Thoughts article, write Product Review article, publish Weekend Thoughts article
Tuesday –  order new product for following week review, write Competitive Events article, publish Product Review article
Wednesday – write Video Game Center article, play game for New Game Review article, publish Competitive Events article
Thursday – test product for product review article, write New Game Review article, publish Video Game Center article
Friday –  misc catch-up day, busy store day usually, publish New Game Review article

I am on vacation next week so I can use that time also to continue to streamline this process.

I feel much more focused now.  If you enjoy reading and following me feel free to leave some comments and suggestions of topics you would like to see me cover.


2 thoughts on “Blogging vs. Writing an Article

  1. Not a gamecenter owner or even really a customer just an avid gamer. I really like the articles and insight that you bring to gaming.

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