My Game Center Can Beat Up Your Game Center

It is human nature to always think that we have the best of something right?  Our nearest professional sports team is the best, my child is the smartest (or does no wrong) or my car is the fastest.  We never want to admit to maybe being not quite as good as the person next to us.

Well, I think that we have the best Game Center here in Terre Haute, IN.  Many of us have been together for 6 years and played everything from MMO games like Maplestory to competing in the $250,000 Battlefield Modern Combat tournament on the original Xbox.  How exactly do I go about proving that our game center is the best?

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is starting on Friday March 5th.  I am throwing down the challenge to allow other centers to prove me wrong.  Here is a method I have developed to try and prove who is the best overall game center.

These events will take place during the night on the first Friday of each month.  eBash Terre Haute will accept any AND ALL challengers that play by the rules and can meet the requirements listed below.  One of the requirements for the BEST Video Game Center is the ability to throw awesome overnight parties (lock-ins) and bring in gamers to burn the midnight oil.

Secondly, I believe to be the best you cannot just be the best in any certain title or on one kind of system.  The overall best game center should be one that can master multiple games on multiple systems.   At the same time we need to be realistic and know that it isn’t fair to prohibit smaller centers from participating because of a lack of funds or smaller numbers of players.  So there won’t be any 128 vs. 128 battles in MAG on the PS3 to determine the champ.

Right now the playing ground will be limited to PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 titles and exclude the Nintendo Wii because of the missing ability to compete online.  We will also try to mainly use PC and Xbox 360 titles since those systems are the most widespread in the Video Game Center industry today.

Also dominating a single genre would prove nothing either so I have come up with a list of genres that will be available for these events each month.  These are ones that have titles which are good for competition as obviously single player style games are hard to prove anything (well, except maybe unlocking achievements which is very interesting…).  My current list of available genres:

Team Shooters (Example Battlefield Bad Company 2)
Single Shooters (Example Quake LIVE)
RTS (Example Supreme Commander 2)
Action RPG (Example Heroes of Newerth)

Team Shooters (Example Battlefield Bad Company 2)
Racing (Example Need for Speed Shift)
Fighting (Example Street Fighter IV)
Sports (Example Madden 10)
Music (Example Band Hero)
Arcade (Example Pac-Man)

The Format
Objective:  To defeat eBash Terre Haute
Prize:  $250 to the top center if any can beat us (this will go up each month no one wins by adding in challenge fees)
Cost: $100 challenge fee, we will add all challenge fees to the Prize Pool each following month if no one beats us
Date:  1st Friday of each month
Time:  Matches begin at 11 PM EST and run through the night

March 5th Challenge Games (times in EST)

11 PM – Band Hero Xbox 360
– Full Band of 4 Players (bass, guitar, microphone and drums) in Versus Mode
– Single Elimination brackets with consolation games as needed
– Each band picks one song, scores from both songs are added together to determine winner

1 AM – League of Legends PC
– 5v5
– Single Elimination brackets with consolation games

2 AM –  Need for Speed Shift Xbox 360
– 4 Players per Center may enter
– Heats will be 4 racers each
– Top Half of Racers Advance from each heat of with consolation heats as needed

3 AM –  Halo 3 ODST Xbox 360
– 4v4 best 2 out of 3 maps per round
– Single Elimination brackets with consolation games as needed
– MLG Rules and GameTypes

10 PM until 4 AM – PacMan Xbox LIVE Arcade
– This will be one single Xbox LIVE account starting with a 0 score per center
– Unlimited players per center can attempt to set high score starting at 10 PM
– LIVE accounts will become friends and friend leaderboard will determine placings at 4 AM

Points – 1 Point for every person you finish ahead of in the event.  If you are 1st place in a team 4v4 event with 4 total teams you earn 12 points (3 teams behind you with 4 players per team).  If you are 3rd in an individual event with 12 players behind you then you earn 12 points for your center.  Arcade Events are 4 points per each center behind in the top score standings at the end of the evening.

2 thoughts on “My Game Center Can Beat Up Your Game Center

  1. Hi, I work at a LAN center and am interested in getting my center to participate in this, but I have a few questions about the structure that I will need answered before I can gather any support. How can I best contact you to ask these questions?

    – Kyle

  2. Kyle – Just shoot me an email zack [at] or call the store 812-235-0040. We would love to have more centers participate. The gamers are getting excited and I think it will create quite a buzz in your center also.

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