Turning 36…..

The past few weeks I have determined that starting a daily blog will be one way of organizing my thoughts and actions throughout each day.  I have been looking forward to today, February 1st, on my 36th birthday to get started.  I am no where near familiar with WordPress enough yet to make this look good, but I will move forward daily and make adjustments as I go.

Last night we completed the 21 day gamerscore challenge to benefit Get Well Gamers.  My team, CFL, consisting of my long-time eBash friends Dustin Dudley, Kyle McCormick and Mark Repollet gathered over 50,000 achievement points on the Xbox 360 console.  A tournament like this seems to be the most interesting and is one of the goals I have for revolutionizing competitive gaming.  Getting the publishers behind competitions will only happen if the competitions themselves promote new games.  Gone are the days of wishful thinking that you can play Halo 3 or CS 1.6 for the rest of your life as a “professional gamer”.

Tomorrow is the pre-season start to our first ggCircuit week night league.  Modern Warfare 2 should draw in 20-30 teams from around the US and over the next 6 weeks I hope to fine-tune the program.  Halo 3: ODST league starts in 2 weeks and it should also draw plenty of teams.  I just hope there isn’t a pathetic amount of crying and whining from the teams about how everyone is cheating and there is too much lag.  There is nothing more I hate than complainers.

2 thoughts on “Turning 36…..

  1. How is getting gamerscore revolutionizing competitive gaming? Literally the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. Please explain further.

    • First of all thanks for the comment but no thanks for hiding behind a fake name. Because you asked to explain further I approved your comment so I could reply.

      I have worked for 6 years with today’s “competitive” gaming and I continue to watch every single “pro” player come and go as failures. The best CS players, Halo players or whatever game you pick are only as good as the life of the game they play. As soon as a new game comes out they disappear and cannot compete in the next version or even a different game.

      Also sponsors have almost all together stopped promoting competitive gaming because of this fact. There are no consistencies with today’s competitive gaming. Companies cannot build a brand around players that disappear, leagues that fail and games that are replaced with versions 2, 3, 4, etc.

      However with gamerscore players can be ranked based on their ability to play multiple games. In fact once you have mastered a game and unlocked 1000 achievement points you must move onto a new title. Sure some titles are easier than others, but it doesn’t take long before the easy titles are gone. As new games are released gamerscore pros will play them all attempting to master the games. Using a ranking system similar to what we have built on ggCircuit and what sites like TrueAchievements.com use even weight the achievements based on the percentage of players who have obtained them.

      Companies will put money behind programs that influence the sale of their product. Continuing to support “pros” for games like CS 1.6 is not helping anyone sell more copies of that game, newer hardware or anything else for that matter.

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